The Vietnam High Quality Product – Global Integration Standard (GIS) is the new standard built by the Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association based on the reference of existing regulations and practices in Vietnam, ensuring to comply with relevant international certification requirements. The Association always maintains its market credibility with GIS by having partnership with international standards organizations such as FoodPlus GmbH (Global G.A.P), NOAA Fisheries, GFSI, GMP + International…



The Vietnamese High Quality Product program, which was launched in 1997 by Saigon Tiep Thi newspapers, is a nationwide social survey to select members who get the award of Vietnamese High Quality Product. Currently, there are three main activities: social survey for the award of Vietnamese High Quality Product, organizing the series of Vietnamese High Quality Products trade fairs; and doing research & consultation to support company members. The Association is built to be representative and protect benefits of the company members. Until now the Association has 300 official members and over 600 associate members across all industries.




Business Studies and Assistance Center (BSA) was established on February 23, 2008, BSA is the first not-for-profit, independent and professional institution built to support entrepreneurs in Vietnam. BSA is the organizer of activities of the Vietnamese High Quality Product Business Association to promote and support entrepreneurs. Website:




Business Support Application Service Co., Ltd (BSAS) is an independent and professional company built to support entrepreneurs in Vietnam. BSAS is the facilitator and organizer of the Vietnamese High Quality Product-Global Integration Standard (GIS), to promote international trade, partnership and empower local companies to sustainably integrate into the global market.



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